There are so many options when considering a kitchen remodel, it’s hard to know where to start. Is a new paint job enough, a few up-to-date appliances, or is a full-scale kitchen renovation in order?

To help you simplify things a bit, we’ve put together a list of kitchen design ideas to consider.

Here are 5 kitchen design trends to look for when planning your remodeling project.

#1: Mix It Up

Many homeowners today are choosing to draw inspiration from a range of kitchen decor ideas rather than stick to a single uniform look.

  • Match your kitchen decor to the overall style of your home. Take a look at the rooms next door to your kitchen. Go for a look that compliments the overall feel of the home. For example, you might choose appliances or light fixtures that pair well with the decor of an adjoining living or dining room.
  • Contemporary kitchen? Traditional kitchen? Why not both? What if you pair an old fashioned floor with forward-looking cabinetry? Or sleek modern lighting with an antique table? Look for modern touches that add new life to more traditional elements.
  • Mixed materials create interest. Who says faucets, cabinet pulls, and lighting fixtures have to march to the same drum? Or that you can’t combine natural wood with metallic touches? Combining different looks that play well together gives your kitchen a more comforting, less formal atmosphere for you and your guests.

#2: Get Creative with Color

When exploring kitchen design ideas, don’t forget about color!

The right color palette can elicit a positive physical and psychological response from residents and guests alike.

  • The enduring power of neutral. A good neutral base gives you the flexibility to choose from a rainbow of other shades to create the look you want. While white remains a popular choice for cabinets, gray is catching on with a growing number of homeowners. Still others are giving the upper and lower cabinets a different look, or installing multicolored countertops to create added visual appeal.
  • Play with contrast. Black and white. Light and dark. Choosing black faucets, pendants and handles adds a dramatic flair when paired with white cabinets. Combine contrasting shades to bring a modern touch to rooms with rustic hardwood floors.
  • Make a splash with a pop of color. A fresh green sink or inviting reddish table look good when paired with neutral cabinets and floors. Warm colors give your kitchen a more welcoming, less utilitarian feel, and the right mix of shades creates a sense of unity with adjacent living and dining spaces.

#3: Down on the Farm

While younger homeowners are especially drawn to this trend, drawing inspiration from the rustic look of yesteryear has a timeless and comforting appeal for all ages.

Features like an apron-front cast-iron sink or wood paneling give you the practicality you need and the cozy look and feel you want for your kitchen remodeling project.

#4: Crazy for Quartz

While granite remains the most popular choice for kitchen countertops in recent surveys, quartz has been moving up the list.

Why quartz? This popular material, traditionally associated with keeping time, offers lots of advantages to help make the most of your own time in the kitchen:

  • Nonporous
  • Heat-resistant
  • Spill-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Available in lots of colors

No wonder many homeowners are discovering that a quartz countertop can be a great kitchen trend worth following. 

#5: Hurray for Functionality

Everyone wants that fabulous kitchen that shows off an impeccable sense of style and personality. But what good is a good-looking kitchen if it’s hard to use?

Even if you’re happy with the aesthetic design of your current kitchen, updates to improve functionality can also add value for current and future residents.

  • Countertops are tops. Countertops remain the most popular kitchen upgrade, named by 95% of homeowners as a top priority, with backsplashes and sinks close behind. Sections of upper cabinetry can be extended onto the counter, giving you a convenient way to store coffee makers and other small appliances when they are not in use.
  • Modern Kitchen Appliances. If you’ve been using the same old appliances for decades, it may be time for a change. Many newer models give you better energy efficiency and ease of use. Dishwashers are the most popular appliance to upgrade, and gas ranges and cooktops are also growing in appeal.
  • Kitchen Cabinets and Other Storage Trends. A variety of storage options help to improve organization and convenience. Examples include pull-out waste cabinets, tray and cookie sheet organizers and wine or bar cabinets.
  • Make it easy. Homeowners of all ages and ability levels are gravitating toward ease-of-use when it comes to new kitchen features. A hands-free faucet is great for kids, people with limited hand function or anyone with sticky fingers. Sensor-activated lights and meat thermometers that alert your smartphone when dinner is ready offer added safety. Cabinet doors that open and close with the push of a button or no-grip handles make it easier than ever to get to the dishes.

Are you looking for ideas to jump-start your kitchen remodeling project?

Contact Amos Building Company. Our experienced remodeling experts will help you select the best styles, colors, functionality and other features to get the kitchen you want.

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