More and more it seems, modern-day homeowners are drawing kitchen design inspiration from simpler times down on the farm.

A recent Houzz Kitchen Trends Study found that farmhouse is the preferred kitchen style for young adults ages 25 to 34.

Filled with a warm, cozy charm and laid-back atmosphere that just feels like home, a farmhouse kitchen is the perfect spot for the 49% of homeowners looking to spend more time with family and the 41% who want to do more home cooking.

And despite its resurgence in recent years, the farmhouse look is anything but new, as evidenced by one recent kitchen remodel — in a real 19th Century farmhouse in Southwest Missouri.

If you’re looking for some ideas to add an inviting flavor to your own kitchen, let’s take a look at some of the improvements that Amos Building Co. used to bring this classic kitchen into the 21st century!

Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

Amos remodeling professionals restored the warm glow of this 1800s kitchen by exposing and refinishing the original hardwood pine floors.

Wood flooring adds a vibrant natural energy and unify the kitchen with other areas of your home.

In addition to its warmth and beauty, wood is a soft, comfortable surface — making it a perfect choice if you like to stand while preparing your favorite recipes.


Beadboard Ceilings

While completing the farmhouse project, Amos technicians also discovered the home’s original beadboard ceiling, restoring it to give the kitchen an elegant, yet homey feel.

Commonly used from the 1880s through the 1930s, beadboard adds a unique personality to ceilings and walls in kitchens, hallways, porches and other areas of the home.


Self-Closing Kitchen Cabinets

Amos added brand new convenience to this old-fashioned kitchen by installing custom cabinets with self-closing hinges.

Gravity-fed hinges close more slowly, resulting in less slamming, lower stress on doors and drawers, and longer cabinet life.


Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

For an additional touch of style and function, Amos included a new stainless steel farmhouse sink.

Lots of design options make the farmhouse sink an excellent choice for homeowners wanting a nostalgic look that fits right in with today’s busy lifestyles:

  • Deep rectangular designs hold lots of dishes.
  • The large, single bowl allows ample space for cleaning up after a big meal.
  • Choose from a range of materials including porcelain, cast iron or stainless steel.
  • Farmhouse sinks look great in a variety of colors to complement almost any decor.

Amos topped off the renovation with other improvements including custom trim, fresh paint, new plumbing and updated electrical work.

Is a farmhouse design the right look for your kitchen remodel?

Contact Amos Building Co. We’ll answer your questions and help you choose the right options to get the kitchen you want.

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