Homeowners today are discovering that the bathroom is so much more than just a boring utilitarian space.

With the right design, your bathroom can become your own personal oasis of relaxation, convenience and aesthetic appeal.

Perhaps the best news of all is that there’s no shortage of bathroom ideas for indulging in the bathroom of your dreams. From simple touches to a full-scale bathroom remodel, you’ll find a plethora of possibilities to fit almost every budget.

To help you fill out your own bathroom wish list, check out these 9 bathroom remodel ideas.

#1: Make a Splash with Cool Color Choices

Picking the perfect color scheme is a big decision for every part of your house — and the bathroom is no exception.

You’ll want to think about everything from emotional impact to lighting to mix-and-match options in choosing the right hues. Here are a few popular choices when it comes to bathroom colors:

  • Go neutral. Simple whites, off-whites and grays are among the most popular choices these days, with violets and purples coming on strong. Classic white looks great on everything from old school subway tile to industrial or traditional style furniture.
  • Go dramatic. Mixing light and dark creates eye-popping contrast and a sophisticated atmosphere. Pair black-and-white retro tile with neutral designs to give any bathroom a striking, upscale flair.
  • Go playful. Pick a favorite color to add a little dose of fun to an otherwise neutral background. While there’s an almost endless rainbow of possibilities, seafoam green tile is one of the hottest cool colors around these days, and looks great with everything from marble countertops to colorful rugs.

#2: Get in Touch with Tile

From the hugely popular ceramic tile to simple squares to a range of unique and clever design options, there are lots of ways to add style with these bathroom ideas.

  • Go 3-D. Who says tile has to stay flat against the wall? Give your walls a sense of texture, visual interest and movement by including raised elements in symmetrical designs, waves, circles or monochromatic motifs.
  • There’s a pattern here. With so many colors, sizes and shapes available, tile patterns are almost as endless as your imagination. From Mediterranean- or Moroccan-inspired designs to uber-modern geometric shapes, to cozy layouts for a rustic charm, there’s a pattern to fit your dream bathroom remodel.
  • Mix n’ match. Combining different types of tile creates visual interest and a relaxed bathroom atmosphere. Subway, hex, fish scale and square shapes are all good options.

#3: Make It Easy

It’s a lot easier to enjoy a nice, relaxing bath if your bathroom is, well, easy to use!

Bathroom renovations to enhance comfort, convenience and safety add value for residents and guests of all ages and abilities. So-called “aging-in-place” updates can enable you to live at home longer and increase interest from prospective buyers.

There are many possibilities that will make your bathroom a safer and more relaxing space:

  • Comfort heights for sinks and toilets
  • Side-mounted faucets
  • Floating vanities that can be customized for height
  • Water-saving toilets and faucets to lower your water bill
  • Shower improvements including shower seats, extra lighting and no-threshold showers

#4: Storage Options

Abundant and easy-to-reach bathroom cabinets and shelves are another way to add convenience. These days you have plenty of creative and customizable options for bathroom storage.  

  • Smart storage. Practicality is always in style, whether your design is contemporary or traditional. Consider taking cabinetry all the way up to the ceiling, or invest in a unique antique storage cabinet in lieu of built-ins. Open shelving is another stylish and convenient option.
  • Power storage. How can you make electrical outlets both easy to reach and out of sight? Simple! Install them inside cabinets or drawers. That way you can power up hair dryers and other small appliances and then neatly store them away when you’re done using them.
  • Simple storage. One way to minimize clutter is with simple storage designs. Clean, minimalist bathroom cabinets go well with various tile patterns and lighting fixtures. Add simple knobs or handles for a storage solution that’s easy on the eyes and the hands.
  • Creative storage. Make a statement with your storage by choosing bright, colorful cabinets, clean white countertops or unique fittings.

#5: Show off Some Shower Power

It’s never been easier to turn a plain old shower into a luxurious spa — with options to fit every budget. No wonder showers have been outpacing tubs in popularity lately.

Here are just a few ideas for your shower remodel:

  • Water from all directions. The traditional shower head isn’t going away, but it’s got more company these days. Some homeowners are adding multiple showerheads and steam showers, while others are opting for water jets and invigorating body sprays.
  • Have a seat. Sit back and relax — in the shower that is! Built-in shower benches and seats are in high demand, as well as enlarging the shower space to make room for portable seating options.
  • Open the door. Get creative with your shower door. Make a chic statement with French doors instead of a traditional curtain.
  • Showers without borders. No-threshold entries improve safety by reducing the risk of tripping, and make it easy for everyone to enjoy a nice hot shower.

#6: Rub-a-Dub-Dub with Trends for the Tub

The shower may be having a bit of a moment, but a relaxing soak in the tub will always be one of the best ways to unwind after a hectic day.

And you can soak in style with a host of great bathtub designs.

  • Go old school with a vintage clawfoot tub.
  • Bring it into the future with a sleek modern design.
  • Step down to comfort with a unique-looking in-ground tub.
  • Shower and tub can go side-by-side in a luxurious wet room.

#7: Vanity Area

Get ready for the day with a bathroom vanity that fits your personal taste and practical needs.

  • Undermount sinks are most popular these days.
  • Free-standing and dedicated vanities come with lots of style options.
  • Throwback looks are in. From rustic to retro-style industrial designs, a little nod to the past can give your bathroom vanity a comforting, timeless feel.
  • Round mirrors can make your space feel larger and look cool when paired with rectangular sinks and cabinets.
  • Wall-mounted faucets give you extra counter space and come in a variety of finishes, from weathered brass to sleek black.

#8: Light Up the Bath

The right bathroom lighting creates the right atmosphere while adding convenience.

  • Uplights and lowlights are great for the vanity.
  • You’ve got lots of options. Chandeliers add a sense of elegance. Sconces bring an inviting touch to the vanity mirror, and pendants look great over the counter.
  • Just like with tile and color, you can mix and match lighting options for just the right style.

#9: Bring the Heat

Want to knock off the chill after taking a hot bath or shower?

Innovative bathroom heating options give you added warmth as you dry off or change clothes.

  • Keep those bare feet comfy with radiant floor heating.
  • Wrap up in a toasty towel by installing towel warmers.
  • Add a bathroom fireplace to warm up the whole room and add a romantic glow.

Do you need more help with bathroom ideas for your home renovation? Contact Amos Building Co. We’ll help you select the right options for a bathroom design that fits your needs, your personal style and your budget.

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