Amos Building Company is committed to staying ahead of the curve of what is new and trendy within the construction and remodeling industry, including the newest premium products, designs, and applications. Our focus today is on industrial-style kitchen design and bathroom remodels.

Recently highlighted at the 2017 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), the largest interior design and remodeling trade show in the United States, was industrial-themed designs. This design style is one of the new and expanding concepts in both kitchen design/remodel and bathroom remodel.

Industrial concepts typically use black as a primary interior design element for cabinets, windows, appliances, and even paint. Then the theme is enhanced with the use of iron, metallic, copper, or brick accents. Copper sinks, rustic iron door pulls, copper or metallic finished faucets and various hardware are excellent compliments. A rustic element can be added as a contrast to the hard edge of the industrial look. Rustic wood textures including distressed wood floors can add credibility and a nice twist to the overall design.

Here is a list of the industrial elements we love:

  • belt and pulley ceiling fans
  • metal barn door tracks
  • mechanical windows
  • antique iron components
  • exposed pipes
  • the new realistic wood and plate steel floor options
  • and similar wall tiles

In a current Amos Building home remodel project, which includes a kitchen remodel, and a bathroom remodel, we are incorporating this industrial design with a bit of a rustic twist. We are remodeling an 1800’s farmhouse. To divide the kitchen and the living room we are using a metal barn door track and door to separate the two spaces. To give a unique flair to the overall remodeling project we have used an old boxing ring bell for the doorbell. Fun stuff!

The farmhouse has some great old pinewood floors. However, there are a few holes that just can’t be ignored and saying “it adds character” wasn’t a real solution. We came up with the concept to use a few old brass shotgun shell caps, and tin can lids to cover those holes. With a masterful touch, these elements were implemented beautifully and really added to the whole theme.

We are also adding commercial cast iron grates for cold air return grates to enhance the overall design. We haven’t yet made a final determination on using old rusty galvanized barn roofing for a shower surround, but we are intrigued by the idea and the look. In both bathrooms, we are installing antique dressers for vanities, and they certainly play the part.

These industrial designs combine the appeal of using unique components not typically seen in homes, making them both historical and contemporary concepts, which is likely the key to their increased popularity. We love them! Introducing this concept doesn’t have to be throughout an entire house. A kitchen design or even a full kitchen remodel project could have a nod to this idea, by using just a few and well-chosen accents. The same goes for a bathroom remodel. Either way, Amos Building Company can help you with your overall project from design to finish.

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