If you’re looking for bathroom renovation ideas, sprucing up the shower is a fabulous place to start.

Today’s shower designs offer easy access to homeowners and guests of all ages, helped along by digital technology and a soothing, contemporary vibe.

Updating your shower is a great way to improve relaxation while adding convenience, safety and aesthetic appeal.

Let’s take a look at 5 shower design trends that can boost the style and function of your whole bathroom.

#1: Walk-In Showers

This is one of the best ways to improve simplicity and ease of use in any bathroom.

The walk-in shower is a popular aging in place improvement because it can reduce the risk of tripping over a threshold and makes things a little easier for residents with limited mobility.

But it’s also growing in popularity with homeowners from every generation.

  • Walk-in shower designs work well in smaller bathrooms where space is at a premium.
  • A walk-in goes perfectly with natural materials and glass.
  • It gives your bathroom an open feel and is a good choice for those looking for an industrial-inspired design.

#2: Shower Door? What Shower Door?

While there are many options to choose from when it comes to shower doors, some homeowners are eschewing the shower door altogether.

  • As with a walk-in shower, doorless shower designs can free up some extra space in your bathroom.
  • Your shower floor can be sculpted to direct the water flow toward the drain, and a simple glass wall can provide an elegant visual cue.
  • Pair a doorless shower with a large shower head for an invigorating bath-time experience.

#3: Add a Wet Room

In other homes, a wet room is replacing the traditional shower enclosure to create a more luxurious, spa-like atmosphere.

  • Wide glass panels can enclose a tub and shower combo.
  • Recessed wall features and shelving keep towels and bath supplies close at hand.
  • Add built-in benches and shower seats for even more relaxation after a long day or tough workout.

#4: Smart Showers

Want a shower that caters to your every bath time whim? Thanks to the magic of digital shower technology, your wish is granted.

  • Temperature control. Some like it hot. Others like it cold. But everyone can get the shower temp just right with digital settings that learn your individual preferences.
  • Colorful lighting. Set the right mood with light settings to help you wake up, get refreshed or relax before turning in for the night.  
  • Steam systems. Soothe those sore muscles and feel the stress melt away with advanced steam features.
  • Music. Take singing in the shower to a whole new level. A smart shower head lets you get clean as a whistle while rocking out to your favorite jams.

#5: Go Contemporary

You don’t always have to re-do the whole bathroom to get a new look. Just changing the design of your shower can fill the whole space with new energy.

  • Rain shower heads. Still a popular choice for adding a graceful touch and relieving tension.  
  • Glass. Manages to combine classic warmth with a modern feel to add style to any bathroom.
  • Metal. Give your shower a charming, window-like appearance that goes well with rustic or industrial designs.


Are you looking for ideas for an upcoming bathroom remodel? Updating your shower can be one option for achieving the results you’re looking for.

Get in touch with Amos Building Co. to learn more about shower updates that match your needs and your budget.


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